1. FLORIDA here I come ehehehe tickets at chrisdelia.com

  2. I thought this was a blowjob machine but nothing happened to my penis when I put in in there. 😔

  3. Annnnnnd 100 percent definitely ship that item and don’t have it as a carry-on at the airport (at Madison Dane Airport)

  4. Bye for now Wisconsin. (PS never put this on your head UNLESS you are fucking and are also wearing a blazer) (at Madison Dane Airport)

  5. Absolutely NEVER fuck with me. #neverbackdown #realkarate #absoluterealkarate (photo credit: Daniel Radcliffe) (at Orpheum Madison)

  6. Milwaukee was awesome. Madison tonight. (📷: Sara Bill) #UNDERNOINFLUENCETOUR

  7. NEW YORK - tickets at chrisdelia.com

  8. Eh. Seh. Cute. (with @jasoncollings)

  9. Annnnnd elbow too high for the phone. (at MSP Airport)

  10. Robert Duvall being s’bitch the way he slaps the car in “Gone in 60 Seconds”!!! Eh. Seh. Bitch.