1. I’m here this weekend. Check my website for tickets.


  2. I’m on “Jennifer Falls” tonight and the next few episodes. I fight this guy. Punching and wrestling. @rouxthless @jaimepressly @missipyle

  3. Texting but also looking like I’m fucking a railing ehehehehe.

  4. Good to be home with my boy Sam! This dude is cuddling hard right now. I love him.

  5. Montreal girls (and guys) made these shirts and came out to my shows. Incredible. Eh. Seh. Cute.

  6. My boy @therealrussellp being very sober walking towards me totally not annoying me either and not yelling too loud.

  7. Thank you, Montreal. (at l’Astral)

  8. Proud to announce my all new 31 city tour “Under No Influence”. Check it out on my site. http://chrisdelia.com/#tour

    (Photo by @triggerchrome)

  9. Butters knows Sam hates this. But he KEEPS fuckin with him. I hope Sam pounces on this motherfucker once and for all.

  10. The only time I was ever on TV and my mom told her friends NOT to watch me. #workaholics