1. Right before…

  2. Right before…

  3. Last night performing in front of 12,000 people had Brody… well… excited. He almost kicked my head (optical illusion).

  4. Hey guys. Jim is so fucking drunk and also Brent looks like a fucking mannequin. #oddballfest

  5. Me and baby bird about to do stand up in front of too many people. #oddballfest (at First Niagara Pavilion)

  6. The fuck is this bullshit thing?

  7. Oh fuck maybe I’m a crazy person because I’m alone and was about to make a dumb as fuck video for you guys but… (at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

  8. Me, the Emmy winner Sarah Silverman, and the awesome Chris Hardwick. Here we come Pennsylvania ehehehe. #oddballcomedytour

  9. Hey Dasani, absolutely make your water taste like water and not a bunch of deer penises. (at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW))

  10. Look what’s on Comedy Central right now. #WHITEMALEBLACKCOMIC