1. Thirty more cities to go. See you tomorrow Atlantic City. Good night, New York. #UNDERNOINFLUENCETOUR

  2. Me and my comedian buddy @deansteanthebeloved (left) about to kick off my #UNDERNOINFLUENCE tour in Westbury, NY. (The guy on the right is my bodyguard who is a celestial being obviously)

  3. Mr. Onmywaytostealyourgirl (at Rosario Pizza Inc)

  4. 100% crazy to do this. #100percentfuckno

  5. New show called “Fuckboyz” with @hiryanhansen and @rickglassman

    (Hey guys it’s not really a show so don’t say shit like “OMFG when does this show come out!”)

    PS - People will still do that.

  6. At the NBC/VANITY FAIR party with the Undateable guys @brentmorin and @rickglassman. Psyched for the second season!

  7. This is how I greet Mormon missionaries.

  8. My friend @chrismacho sensing some #100percentfuckno behind him.

  9. This guy has a piece of shit gold thing on his head and he’s actually trying to talk to two guys that don’t respect him (obviously because he is wearing a piece of shit gold thing on his head).

  10. Wow. Look what this person did to her body. Pretty wild. 🙊 Thanks for the love, @krrrystalx! #drunkgirls