1. Butters knows Sam hates this. But he KEEPS fuckin with him. I hope Sam pounces on this motherfucker once and for all.

  2. The only time I was ever on TV and my mom told her friends NOT to watch me. #workaholics

  3. @whitneyacummings blurry with laughter at @thecomedystore

  4. My friend @greenhiphop acting like he doesn’t appreciate me in this speedo. (Photo credit: Pierce Brosnan) #NOCHICKSALLOWED

  5. My new girlfriend Bo and I.

  6. The only male that can tickle me and I’m okay with it.

  7. THE FOOOORM!!!! (Photo by @jewsqueeze)

  8. Watch me do extreme karate tonight on #UNDATEABLE tonight on NBC with fuckboi #2

  9. Watch me serve this fuckboi tonight during our dance-off on the 2 hour season finale of UNDATEABLE on NBC.

  10. On the set of “Jennifer Falls”. Gonna be on this show soon for a few episodes. I dance, kiss, and fight in it. Watch out, Hugh Hackman.