1. Little burrito.

  2. Moose guy is back hitting on human females. Woman is scared. Girl is terrified.

  3. Ehehehehehe. (at Tempe Improv)

  4. Ehehehwhehe. (at Tempe Improv)

  5. You can’t fuck with my Cute Army. #CUTEARMY (at Phoenix, AZ)

  6. Mad hairy. Keepin’ it warm for Tempe this weekend. Don’t wanna catch a chill. Tempe Improv all weekend. chrisdelia.com for tickets.

  7. Look what Brent and I caught! (Photo by Michael Buckner) #undateable #shark

  8. TEMPE, ARIZONA I’ll be performing all weekend at the TEMPE IMPROV. Get tickets here now chrisdelia.com

  10. Jacksonville, Florida. Fun crowd minus the two assholes I threw out. Here all weekend, come thru (but not the two assholes I threw out) (at Comedy Zone At Ramada Inn)